De Ruimte

Ruimte means ‘space’: room to move, space to talk about whatever needs talking about. If you are English speaking, you are very welcome for consultation. English is my second language.

“The secret of change
is to focus all of your energy,
not on fighting the old,
but on building the new.”


Welcome to De Ruimte

De Ruimte is a psychology practice run by me, Karoline Fleumer, a registered psychologist with twenty years’ experience in primary healthcare, occupational healthcare, teaching and moderating ‘intervision’ peer-group sessions for healthcare professionals.


I specialize in rational emotive therapy (RET, a form of cognitive behavioural therapy) and dynamic psychodiagnostics. Most clients come to De Ruimte through referrals from a family doctor, or an occupational health professional.


Public health

De Ruimte offers primary mental healthcare services under the terms of the Dutch Association of Mental Health and Addiction Care (GGZ). Our aim under current guidelines is to help the client resolve his or her issues over the course of X sessions or refer the client to another specialist. You can expect to have an intake appointment within 4 weeks. To request an appointment, please call +31(0)614123292, or email


Occupational health

De Ruimte offers support to businesses with issues such as staff with mental healthcare problems affecting their work, workplace conflicts, and failed reintegration processes following illness. Our expert, experienced and unbiased support is a welcome intervention for the many business we work for. Our services range from short-term crisis support to staff-member diagnosis with follow-up report to your company doctor. If you are a company doctor, team leader or HR manager dealing with mental healthcare issues in the workplace, please call +31(0)614123292, or email